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This page is for all those who are interested in learning about better meeting procedures, and the preserving of democracy in small groups and organizations.  

We want to keep the ADC bylaws simple so that all can understand and follow; and we promise to try to revise the articles that you (members) may have concerns about.  
We are most familiar with the parliamentary authority of ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER, NEWLY REVISED, 1990 Edition. We will answer any concerning or procedural questions that you have.  

BUT In order to improve the bylaws, we would appreciate if you could make posts in order to give us feedback, comments, or any new ideas which would provide us with valuable information on the success of refining the bylaws.  

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Alaska Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind Council By-Laws

(with amendments through August 2008)

Last revised: September, 2011

Article I


Section 1.1

1.     The name of this organization shall be the Alaska Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind Council, Incorporated, hereafter referred to as ADHHDBC.

Section 1.2 Incorporation

1.     ADHHDBC, Inc. shall be a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in the State of Alaska.

Section 1.3 National Afflictions

1.     The ADHHDBC shall be a cooperating member of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), meeting of its obligations including payment of annual dues as set by the NAD, and sending to the national conferences the maximum number of delegates to which it is entitled, providing the Board of Directors find this financially feasible.

Article II

Mission Statement

Section 2.1 Mission Statement

1.     The purpose of ADHHDBC is to promote and empower Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind consumers in order to achieve the highest quality of life possible in communities of Alaska.

Article III


Section 3.1 Classifications of Membership

1.     Memberships in the organization shall be in five (5) classifications: Active, Associate, Organizational, Senior Citizen and Student.

Section 3.2 Active Membership

1.     Active members shall be any resident of Alaska upon payment of membership dues. Such persons shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership.

Section 3.3 Associate Membership

1.     Associate members shall be for non-residents upon payment of membership dues. Such persons shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of active dues except to hold office and serve on the committees.

Section 3.4 Organizational Membership

1.     Organizational membership shall be for organizations or businesses with an interest in supporting the purposes of ADHHDBC. They shall have all rights and privileges of active membership except to hold office.

Section 3.5 Senior Citizen Membership

1.     Senior Citizen membership shall be open to those who are 60 years or older and are residents of Alaska. Senior citizen members shall pay reduced membership dues and have full privileges of active membership.

Section 3.6 Student Membership

1.     Student membership shall be open to any high school or college student who is a resident of Alaska. Student members shall pay reduced membership dues.

2.     Student members shall have the privileges of active members except to vote and hold office. The Association President shall present or mail one (1) year free Association membership cards to graduating students at Alaska State School for Deaf & Hard of Hearing and deaf and hearing graduates from any other secondary schools in Alaska every year.

Article IV


Section 4.1 Membership Dues Categories

1.     All categories of ADHHDBC membership dues shall be determined by a majority of those voting in conference.

Section 4.2 Members in Good Standing

1.     Membership dues must be paid in full upon registration at the convention before a member can be considered to be in good standings.

Section 4.3 Dues

1.     Annual membership dues run from May 1 through April 30 of each year.

Article V

Duties of Officers

Section 5.1 The President shall:

a.     Preside over all the meetings of ADHHDBC.

b.     Supervise to maintain order and see that resolutions of Board of Director be properly executed in its earnest efforts and to assure the duties of the board members be properly carried out to the fullest extent.

c.     Enforce due observance of the by-laws of ADHHDBC.

d.     Make reports on plans and accomplishments for the interest of ADHHDBC at the Board of Director meeting.

e.     Appoint standing and AD-HOC committees.

f.      Represent in the events of ADHHDBC.

g.     Appoint a parliamentarian with approval from Board of Director.

h.     Maintain liaison with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and any organizational members.

i.      Shall become an ex-offico to the committees.

Section 5.2 The Immediate Past President shall:

a.     Assist and advise the President and Board of Director.

b.     Have voice but not voting rights in Board of Director meeting.

Section 5.3 The Vice President shall:

a.     Serve as President during the absence of the President.

b.     Fill the office of the President when the President is, for any reason, unable to perform her/his duties.

c.     Perform such duties assigned to her/him by the President.

Section 5.4 The Secretary shall:

a.     Keep accurate records of all meetings of ADHHDBC and the Board.

b.     Be the custodian of ADHHDBC’s historical records and all minutes
of the meetings.

c.     Conduct the general correspondence of ADHHDBC.

d.     Perform other duties as directed by the President.

e.     Keeps a field showing the names of members and their addresses.

f.      Coordinate with the Treasurer to maintain the ADHHDBC
incorporation status with the State of Alaska in conjunction with the
Corporation Registered Agent.

Section 5.5 The Treasurer shall:

a.     File all accounts of receipts and expenditures.

b.     Be responsible for all the funds of ADHHDBC.

c.     Be responsible for all moneys collected and disbursed by ADHHDBC.

d.     Maintain records of all membership dues and issue receipts and membership dues collected.

e.     Maintain an updated membership list.

f.      Pay and maintain copies of all receipts and expenditures.

g.     Deposit ADHHDBC funds in such bank or financial institution with approval from the Board.

h.     Make financial reports at Board and member meetings.

i.      File all tax reports.

j.      Maintain incorporated status on annual basis.

k.     Submit to ADHHDBC’s auditing committee for its review all monies, books, accounts, papers, vouchers, receipts and records including bankbooks.

Article VI

Board of Directors

Section 6.1 Composition

a.     The Board of Directors shall consist of the President,
Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Regional Members at large.

b.     Each regional members are Northern, Southwestern, Southeastern
and Southcentral.

c.     The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than seven or more than fifteen members, who shall serve pursuant to these By-Laws.

1.     This shall be known as the Board.

Section 6.2 Responsibilities and Authority

a.     The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the general
management of the affairs of ADHHDBC, as expressed by resolutions or
otherwise, between the conferences.

b.     In no case shall the Board of Directors have the power to alter
any article or section of the by laws of ADHHDBC.

c.     The Board of Directors shall be subject to the orders of ADHHDBC and none of its acts shall conflict with action taken by ADHHDBC.

1.     The two co-signers cannot be related by marriage or reside in the same household.

d.     The Board of Directors shall have the power to use available
funds of ADHHDBC to promote the interests of ADHHDBC within the constrains of the budget as approved by members in the conference.

e.     The Board of Directors shall have the power, by a two-thirds
vote, to suspend any officer from his/her office and from the discharge of
his/her duties. Such suspended officer shall have the right to appeal the
action to ADHHDBC within fourteen (14) days following the suspension. The officer in command shall set the date of suspension meeting. In the event of the suspended officer surrenders his/her appeal, the Board of Directors shall take immediate action to fill such vacancy.

f.      The Board of Directors shall be reimbursed from ADHHDBC funds for travel expenses when attending business meetings, and for other related expenses incurred in the performance of their duties upon proof of valid receipts. Reimbursement for travel expenses shall be in accordance within the current rate per mile or as determined by the Board of Directors to lower the current rate.

Article VII

Board of Directors Meeting

Section 7.1 Schedule of Meeting

1.     The Board shall meet at least quarterly with the date, time, and
location determined by the Board

Section 7.2 Quorum

1.     A simple majority of the Board members shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of business.

Section 7.3 Attendance and removal

1.     If a Director is absent without good cause from two consecutive
meetings, the Secretary shall contact the member and ask him or her to
resign. If the member fails to respond or attend the next meeting, the
Board will vote at that and each subsequent meeting the member misses
whether or not to remove the member. The secretary will notify the member of the results, and, if forced to vacate, the Secretary will arrange to
have the position filled within a reasonable period of time. A vote for
removal must pass by 3/5 of the full Board.

Article VIII


Section 8.1 Standing Committees

1.     Standing Committees of ADHHDBC shall consist of the following:

1.     Legislative

2.     Education

3.     Media Outreach

4.     Fund Raising

5.     By Law

Section 8.2 Ad Hoc Committees

1.     Any Ad Hoc committee may be established anytime as deemed
necessary by the President or the Board of Directors. The commission term
of each ad hoc committee shall expire at conclusion of the next conference
unless otherwise extended by the Board of Directors.

Section 8.3 Committee Chair

1.     Committee chair shall be appointed by the President for each
committee with approval of the Board of Directors. Each committee chair’s
term shall expire at conclusion of the next conference, if not otherwise
terminated earlier or reappointed by the President.

Article IX

NAD Conference Delegates

Section 9.1 Number of NAD Delegates

1.     The association shall send delegates to the national conference
the maximum number of delegates to which it is entitled, provided the
Board of Directors finds this financially feasible.

Section 9.2 Best Interests of ADHHDBC

1.     The NAD Delegate(s) and/or alternate(s) shall represent the best
interests of the ADHHDBC and carry out the instructions of the Board and
ADHHDBC at NAD and NAD Region IV.

Section 9.3 Written Reports

1.     The NAD delegates shall submit written reports to the Board no
later than thirty (30) days after both conferences.

Article X

Affiliated Organizations

Section 10.1

1.     Any club or organization which is interested in welfare of the
deaf, of Alaska, in Alaska may become an affiliated organization of
ADHHDBC subjected to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Article XI


Section 11.1: There shall be two (2) funds with a purpose for each:

A.   General Fund

B.    Endowment Fund (ILL)

Section 11.2: General Fund

a.     The General Fund shall be primarily used for general
expenditures within the approved budget authorized by the general
membership of the ADHHDBC at a conference.

b.     Income for the general fund shall be the membership dues,
conference fees, and any other income incurred from other sources such as

c.     The Treasurer may draw upon and expend up to one thousand
dollars ($1,000.00) for any purpose not in the approved budget but subject
to the Board of Directors’ approval.

Section 11.3: Endowment Fund

a.     The Endowment Fund is held in trust and shall be managed by the ADHHDBC for the purpose of accumulating sufficient funds for

1.     Any expenditure that are to safeguard the rights and interests of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind citizens in the State of Alaska.

2.     All monies withdrawn or transferred from the Endowment Fund shall be used to benefit and further the ADHHDBC.

b.     All donations and bequests not specified by the general membership at a conference shall be deposited into the Endowment Fund.

c.     No withdrawals or transfers of monies shall be made from the principal funds of the Endowment Fund without a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote by the general membership of the ADHHDBC at a conference or by a four-fifths (4/5) affirmative vote by the
Board of Directors.

Section 11.4: Withdrawals and Deposits

1.     All General Funds and Endowment Funds that are withdrawn and
deposited must be signed by the President and Treasurer.

Article 12

Travel Expenses

Section 12.1

1.     Regional and Executive Members of the Board shall be
reimbursed for the cost of their travel expenses upon approval of the
quorum of the Board.

Article 13

Biennial Elections

Section 13.1: Qualifications of Officers

1.     To be elected for any office, eligible Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind members must be active members for the preceding calendar year of the election and be a resident of Alaska.

Section 13.2

1.     Candidates shall not be allowed to be elected for two (2) or more ADHHDBC officer positions.

Section 13.3

1.     The election of officers shall be held at the biennial conference unless otherwise decided. All officers and regional members shall be elected by ballot and by a majority of the active members present and serve for a two (2) year term.

Section 13.4

1.     In the case of a tie, the President shall break the tie.

Section 13.5

1.     In the event there is only one candidate nominated for office, voting shall be by general consent or by a ballot cast by the Secretary of the Association.

Section 13.6: Oath

1.     All officers of ADHHDBC are required to make the following promise prior to commencing their terms of office: “I do solemnly promise that I will faithfully do the duties of my office and support By-Laws of the ADHHDBC to the best of my ability”.

Article 14


Section 14.1: Conferences

1.     ADHHDBC shall hold conferences at such time and place as shall be determined by the Board or through a motion passed at a conference.

Section 14.2

1.     Two months advance notice shall be mailed to the members before the conference.

Section 14.3: Quorum

1.     Twenty (20) active members in good standing at any conference meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of

Article 15


Section 15.1

1.     The Articles of Incorporation, by a three-fourths (3/4) vote, and the By-Laws, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote; can be amended at a regular meeting by the active members present at the conference.

Section 15.2

1.     All the members shall be duly notified of the amendments a copy of the Association by-laws shall be distributed to such active members upon request for perusal at least thirty (30) days prior to the conference.

Article 16

Parliamentary Authority

Section 16.1

1.     Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall be the Parliamentary Authority in all matters not answered in these By-Laws of this ADHHDBC.

Article 17


Section 17.1

1.     In the event this ADHHDBC is dissolved by formal action of a quorum of active members of the ADHHDBC, the remaining ADHHDBC assets shall be used to pay for or to provide for the debts and obligations of the ADHHDBC and the reminder will be given to the National Association of the Deaf in an escrow fund or a similar organization operating exclusively for charitable, educational, and moral welfare of the deaf as determined by the Board of Directors.


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