Code of Conduct for ADHHDBC Board Members

Code of Conduct for ADHHDBC Board Members

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Define and oversee the mission of ADHHDBC and keep it relevant to the needs of our community.

  2. Monitor programs and services based on their effectiveness.

  3. Provide strategic guidance to the organization and the executive officers.

  4. Ensure financial solvency and help raise resources.

  5. Do not commit ADHHDBC to expend funds or enter contracts without prior approval of the Board.

  6. Support and evaluate the executive officers.

  7. Ensure continuous board improvement.

As a member of this board, I commit to:

  • Attend all board meetings with less than 2 absences per year.

  • Participate in board trainings.

  • Serve on at least one board committee.

  • Holding this council and its members to a high standard of performance.

  • Understanding my role and responsibility to the council in order to make informed decisions.

  • Read the materials sent to the board and come prepared to board and committee meetings.

  • Arrive at meetings on time and stay for the full agenda unless I have otherwise notified the board or committee chair.

  • Asking for clarification on any matters or material that I do not understand before making a decision.

  • Listen carefully, courteously and respectfully to other board members and staff with an open mind and an objective perspective.

  • Actively work towards those decisions and solutions that are in the organization’s best interests (one person signing at a time).

  • Respecting the confidentiality of the board’s business. Maintain the email and online forum discussions within the board, unless the writers and board agree to allow forwarding or other disclosure.

  • Informed about and to observe avoidance of conflict of interest.

Optional Responsibilities:  I agree to do 1 of the 3 items listed while serving my board term:

  • Participate in at least one fundraising event.

  • Speak the message of this organization publicly at my other civic meetings, i.e. PSTA, DEB, Government Councils, etc.

  • Volunteer in a community-wide project as part of our organization’s team.

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Adapted from worksheet developed by Foraker Group and updated 5/2011