Social Media Policy

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Alaska Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf Blind Council (ADHHDBC) uses social media to highlight its own material, including committees, announcements, vlogs, blogs, new content to the Web site, reports and other ADHHDBC resources. Posts from ADHHDBC are from trusted sources that promote outside resources. These include ADC Board members, members, and nonprofit associations.

Frequency Goals:

  • Twitter: one post per week
  • Facebook: one or two posts per week
  • Google Site: five to ten posts per month

Tracking Interactions and Evaluating Success:

ADHHDBC should track its interactions whenever possible on all social media by using the available technology. Currently this technology includes:

  • Statistics for tracking clicks from Twitter and Facebook posts
  • Facebook Insights for tracking interactions and demographics.
  • Google Analytics for tracking referrals to sites


Officers and board members shall not post confidential information on ADHHDBC and personal social media accounts. This includes financial information, legal matters, organizational internal strategies, campaign benchmarks, unreleased advertising or promotions, internal processes or methodologies, circulating rumors, colleagues or members personal information. Officers and board members posting on behalf of ADHHDBC are to respectfully and professionally represent the organization, adhere to the terms and conditions of any third-party sites, and take full responsibility for their communication.